PEACE RUN 40,000km

on 5 Continents Around The World




Adventure Runner KAY sets out on an epic journey for the first time in 8 years! 


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Adventure Runner Katzhiko KAY Takashige is now on his way of PEACE RUN Running 40,000km on 5 continents around the world.


He has completed 16,637km on the continents of North America (2011),  Australia (2013-14),  New Zealand (2014-15) and Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain(2016). 


There are still three continents (Eurasia, Africa and South America) left, and he still has to run 23,363km to achieve his mission.


The purpose of his journey is to meet as many people as possible in the world where there are 8 billion people living.


If we meet someone, we will know that we are all one people of Planet Earth and we’re all connected to each other too.


Connecting to each other deepens the bonds between us human beings.


His mission is to share the bonds to create WORLD PEACE.


To make his dream come true, he keeps moving on by running on his own two legs on his own way.


He tells the world Japan today, also tells Japan the world today, running 40-60km (25-37miles) each day.


There’s still a long, long way to go. He must overcome so many difficulties or obstacles.


KAY has had no chances to get out of Japan between 2017-2023 because of COVID-19 Crisis and caring his parents(His father passed away in December 2021).


Finally it's high time he sets out for the next epic journey, PEACE RUN Around Europe Part 2





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